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Rise up

It’s no surprise that breakfast being the most important meal of the day continues to stand true! I’m a firm believer that starting your day on the right foot means starting your day with a delicious, filling breakfast. Coffee not optional. Okay kidding, you don’t need to have coffee. However, your body performs many functions throughout the day and in order for it to function properly, it needs proper fuel!

We all live different lives, but the main thing I find to be really important is that we eat breakfast. If we don’t, we end being more hungry later on in the day and overeating to compensate for our hunger. That is just a recipe for disaster. So get up, have a kick-ass day, and eat breakfast! It doesn’t matter if you have an hour to sit and enjoy breakfast over your morning newspaper, on your way out the door, or over coffee with your co-workers.

Some of my faves:

  • A bowl of cereal (currently: Raisin Bran- I add bananas)
  • Scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast, and sliced avocado (avocados=love)
  • A KIND bar and maybe a yogurt on the side (if I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to sit). The bar is easy to eat on the go and the yogurt I can just have when I get to wherever I am going.
  • Protein smoothie (usually after working out, but I enjoying making smoothies since they are so filling anyway)

Those are all breakfasts I enjoy and eat on a regular basis. Sunday morning, however, you can find me lined up outside a bagel shop, deciding between scallion lox or strawberry. Decisions, decisions. I LOVE a good bagel, and will gladly enjoy one, once every week or two. You may like different things, but the point is…eat breakfast! It will set up your day well and give you the energy you need to have a fantastic day. The most important meal of the day just happens to be my favorite meal of the day. Cheers!


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