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Let’s talk about food, baby!

Food is fun. Food is delicious. It’s part of our everyday lives. It nourishes our bodies, keeps us going, and connects us with other people. I love that. It connects us with other people! What do we love about the holidays and festivities that happen in December every year? Some would say holiday music, lights, presents, traditions. I would say all the delicious food! Seasonal desserts, pastries, dinners, feasts, you get the idea. Dinner brings families together at the dinner table every night. We love to brunch with our friends on the weekends. We have favorite meals. Me? Breakfast is #1. Make me pancakes and scrambled eggs any day and I’m the happiest girl in the world!

Food is an integral part of our day, and rightfully so. What we put into our bodies is just as important as our daily routines. It fuels us through our busy days. Food is so good, that it affects the way we feel. For example, when I am celebrating a family member’s birthday with cake, I feel joy and happiness just from the moment itself. If the cake is realllllly good, even better.

With all the delicious food options out there, it can sometimes be overwhelming to feel like you are balancing enough between nutritious foods and yummy treats. That is why I believe in doing our best to make nutritious choices whenever we can so that when we want to indulge, we can without worry! Food is pretty simple. Eat good, feel good. Eat cake? Savor the moment and enjoy! It’s true we can say that certain foods are healthier than others. But just because you like donuts doesn’t mean you are making unhealthy food choices. If you are happy with your choice and it satisfies you and you have decided that yes, I damn worked for this…. then you have a healthy relationship with food. End of story. #relationshipgoals

With that in mind, food can be both nutritious and delicious at the same time. I think it’s important to still be mindful of what we eat, as there are many wonderful benefits that food provides us. So here is where I will share my passion for good food, thoughts, insights, and all the rest. This is my relationship with food!:p



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